Search Engine Optimization

Attracting customers starts with search engine optimization, and rising to the top of the results has become more competitive than ever. While some changes can be quickly implemented to boost your search engine rankings, you also need a healthy dose of SEO strategy and tactics to bring lasting results.

We can help boost your traffic and lead generation with SEO campaigns that address both the technical details and the content quality that search engines want to see.

SEO Campaigns, Done the Right Way

Google and the others have advanced to a point where SEO must be done in good faith. Shortcuts may exist to bolster your search engine rankings in the short-term, but spammy practices like keyword stuffing have died out. Some fly-by-night SEO companies can even get you Google penalties from doing things the wrong way.

Today, search engines want to see properly structured websites that are easy to navigate and feature great content for human audiences.

Our SEO campaigns focus on both short-term gains and sustainable, long-term success. We optimize your site for search engine crawlers while also making sure it provides the excellent user experience that people want and search engines reward.

The Local SEO Focus

For many businesses, the only clicks that really matter are those from local customers. Local SEO requires an effective campaign to ensure that your basic business information can be found by search engines so that your customers find you when searching for a keyword plus a local geographic term.

Our local SEO efforts will get your business toward the top of the results for local customers. We optimize your content for local audiences, and we make sure the search engines know when your website and contact info should be ranking for relevant, local search terms.

On-Site SEO

Search rankings are all about the user experience. To figure out whether your site should be displayed on the first page of results, Google uses both crawler bots and human eyes to determine how the value and user experience of your site. We get your site and individual pages ranked by ensuring that the bots can find the information they want, and visitors have an enjoyable time on our site:

  • Sitemaps to help search engines understand your business
  • Navigation tools to help customers find the information they need
  • Optimized metadata, page titles, and internal links to match keywords
  • Content tailored to local audiences
  • Removal of broken links, 404 errors, and other symptoms of poor user experience

Off-Site SEO

Search engines look beyond your domain to gather information about your business. We make sure that your info appears correctly across the web, and we build your online presence and reputation:

  • Listing your business in directories and industry-related sites
  • Correcting Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) info and making it appear consistently
  • Building desirable, valuable inbound links and citations
  • Disavowing unwanted links and contacting linking sites to update URLs

More than ever, SEO is about humans as much as the search engines. We understand the arts and sciences of search engine rankings, and we can put your company in the best position possible for visibility, traffic, and higher quality leads.

Get in touch with us today for help taking charge of a successful SEO campaign.