Website Design

If you are launching a brand new site or need a redesign, the smart move is to think about inbound marketing methodologies from the start. Your site’s conversion rates, user friendliness, and ultimately your bottom line will benefit from a site optimized for inbound.

The best reasons to bring in inbound website design professionals include:

  • Visitors are failing to meet the conversion rates you want
  • Your current website design is outdated or the appearance does not match your brand
  • People have a difficult time navigating the site
  • Your site lacks responsive design, uses Flash, or otherwise is incompatible with many users
  • Business has grown and evolved, and the site structure does not show visitors everything you do

Website Design for Inbound Marketing

All websites need to look good and offer user-friendly design. For inbound marketing purposes, we need to go a step further with strategic decisions built directly into the design. Success should not only be graded on how professional the site appears, but on how well the site converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Before we start on your website design, we strategize and plan around the elements that make a great inbound marketing site:

  • Spotlighting content. Inbound campaigns stand on the strength of content, so the site design needs to prominently feature your articles, blog posts, downloadable ebooks, videos, and more.
  • Intuitive navigation. Dropdown menus, sidebars, and breadcrumb navigation are some of the best ways to provide an easy path for users to always find the information they need.
  • Buying cycle. Different pieces of content and calls-to-action should be placed strategically in different locations. Smart website design can tailor each page to the needs of the audience. Pages for casual visitors can offer more information, while pages for leads who are ready to buy should push the closing pitch.
  • Mobile-friendly. With so many users browsing on phones and tablets, your site needs to be user-friendly for these customers. We recommend responsive website design to ensure a good first impression.

Redesign or Start from Scratch?

There’s a great chance your website can be redesigned to clean up the navigation, modernize the esthetics, and optimize it for inbound marketing. We can implement the new design while keeping the great content you already have and adding new features.

Starting over with a completely new website may also be the right choice to help integrate Hubspot marketing tools or change to Wordpress, Joomla or another content management system.

Whether you need a new website design or a thorough makeover, our team will start with vision and strategy before creating a beautiful and user-friendly site designed with inbound marketing in mind. Website design has numerous effects on bounce rate and conversion rate, so it’s important that you update or upgrade with inbound in mind.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how our website design services can deliver the best inbound marketing success for your business.