Creating the Roadmap


Inbound Marketing can deliver huge benefits and help you grow your business, smarter, faster and for less than traditional marketing strategies. With the immense potential of Inbound Marketing in your hands, the next step is to devise a strategy to get there. To do that, you need a Roadmap – a guide that will help you achieve your goals.

We work with you to develop a 3-phase Roadmap with an associated timeline, milestones and key deliverables that will create the framework and structure for us to work with you and help you to achieve your marketing goals


The Discovery phase allows us to assess and evaluate your current online activities, including how you currently interact with your customers and your performance. We also look at your brand, your positioning, your market and your products and services, and develop an understanding of your target audience profile and personas, differentiation and your competition. Here’s where we also look at your short- and long-term vision and goals and make sure they are in alignment with your overall business strategy and objectives.


The goal of the Strategy phase is to develop an Inbound Marketing plan that lays out the methodology of how to set yourself apart from the competition, create leads and convert those leads to customers, maximize your profile on search engines, and develop social media campaigns. Content creation is also a critical step in this phase, as it is the cornerstone of search engine optimization and relevance.

Campaign Calendar

No Roadmap is complete without an editorial and campaign calendar, along with achievable and realistic milestones. Once we have done the legwork of building a Campaign Calendar, we’re ready to get started on the work of Getting Found and building Content.

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